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About Conference

Agriculture and rural sector remain to be major economic drivers at which agricultural producers and rural economies need to be supported through appropriate policies.  Policy support should allow a fair agricultural product competitiveness, both for local markets and for global trade.  With all challenges faced by stakeholders in rural areas, the availability of resources needs to be inclusively managed to meet the right balance between economic growth, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability. High recognition on this condition would lead to key elements as foundation to recreate appropriate policy, institutional role, and financial support to promote agricultural resource competitiveness for sustainable and inclusive development of rural sector.
The outbreak of coronavirus since early 2020 has been vastly scattered and extremely influence almost all aspects of human life. Agricultural sector has also been affected with quite large of disadvantages. Concern on the current health situation and its impact in agricultural sector, the influence of pandemic Covid-19 could also be raised in any of the topics of this conference. Its impact on efforts to accelerate improvement of agricultural competitiveness would be valuable in addressing agricultural sustainability.
Indonesian Center for Agricultural Socio Economic and Policy Studies (ICASEPS) in collaboration with Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) is intended to nurture knowledge exchange on enabling policy support for enhancing resource management for agricultural competitiveness toward progressive, self-reliance, and modern agriculture. ICASEPS and ISAE will take up critical issues, innovative methods, and accountable measures to formulate strong policy support for sustainable an inclusive agricultural and rural development:

  • Past and current experiences in encouraging agricultural technology, rural resource management, and agricultural infrastructures.
  • Emerging innovative approaches in enabling agricultural competitiveness, agribusiness value chain, agricultural marketing, global trade, finance, investment, and market development.
  • Dynamics of initiatives in addressing challenges and opportunities of farm production systems, rural institutions, employment performance, and income diversification.

The presentations and discussions during the Conference are expected to serve as policy levers and as basis on essential options for sound policy decisions. The presentation materials and the results of the plenary discussions would be properly documented as ready reference materials for international publication. All papers should be well written in a scientific format following a specific reference guide. The results of this conference are considered as a valuable document and will be published by a reputable and global accredited publisher.